Tramadol vs Vicodin

I was chronically sick more than 16 months now with signs in limits from the serious constant
Cause inconvenience to alleviate a pain.

I have decided recently that it is on my behalf to start to take treatment for management of a pain
Because my condition has reached point, where I do not feel well enough to leave
The house or does the most part something.

Unfortunately, I only have turned 18 in the USA and though I can take these types of treatment under the law
Without a parental consent it seems numerous doctors whom I, still see do not take me completely

Seriously (for example when I have told to my doctor today it if.
Someone soon has not ordered me something that I was going to start to take heroin, it has started to extol).

Anyway, I requested he give me vicodin as I've heard a lot of good things about it and it seems to be the universal
painkiller of choice. He wouldn't prescribe me vicodin, but prescribed me "Tramadol" instead.

He said that it's not an opiate like Vicodin, but it fits into the opiate receptors, and thus gives the
"exact same effect as Vicodin," without being as addictive.

I had a feelin he was just telling me what I wanted to hear, but I was out of ideas so I took the prescription and
hoped for the best.

I took 50mg tablet half an hour ago, and another one five minutes ago.
I feel no symptom relief at all, no euphoria whatsoever, but I do feel sleepy, as well as really angry that this
doctor apparently lied to me.

I'm obviously no expert, but I thought opium turns to morphine in your body and becomes endorphins, or
something like that?

If Tramadol isn't an opiate, then how can it do that?
And if it can't then how does it have the same effect as Vicodin?

Anyawy, for those who you don't feel like reading all of that.
How does Vicodin differ from Tramadol in terms of the effect?

Do the two really give the user the exact same effect, like my doctor said?
And slightly off topic, If I can't get a doctor to prescribe me a painkiller that actually does something, is
taking heroin orally in small doses a good alternative (because it seems like my only one at this point), or is
there something else I could do?

Tramadol vs Vicodin - What's the difference?

Thanks a lot.
Any help would be much appreciated as I'm in a very bad place right now and I can't deal with my health symptoms
anymore without some sort of help.

Well first of all I doubt you would want to use heroin perhaps swiy (someone who isnt you read rules) might.
honestly swim would go with the hydrocodone it seems tramadol has other effects besides pain
relief from what i understand it is also a mild ssri.

And honestly I highly doubt anyone would advise swiy to begin using heroin as
this can lead to serious addiction.

Both of the substances do vastly different things.
Doctors are just told to push tramadol I think.

Vicodin(hydrocodone) is one of the weakest morphine derived opiate agonists(dihydrocodeine is the
only one I can think of weaker, since codeine turns to morphine).

Tramadol however, has a much more complex mechanism of action.
It's pain relieving abilities have been confirmed to come some what from it's noradrenic activity.
My back pain does not respond well to straight opiate agonists.

Tramadol however, completely eliminated it for 3 months without increasing dose.

I was even using it over oxycodone in severe flare ups. Sadly, it just kinda stop working one day and
never has been as effective as it was at first.

It still works for a once in awhile dose, but nothing compared to how good it was at first.

So I would say ask if you can try both. Docs have no problems giving scrips for tramadol, since they can't get in
trouble at all really.Finally, I agree taking heroin is a bad idea.
Heroin is much more euphoric than needed for pain.
Different opiates have different doses for analgesic and euphoric effects.

Morphine for instance needs to be in a pretty high dose for euphoria, but is effective at low doses for pain.
Not the best, but just an example.

Well for swim a vicodin isnt shit, he can od himself on them and still not feel pain relief or a high, tramadol
always worked good for swim but it was realy addicting forhim so he gots a huge tolerance to them now, but

anyway besides all that i realy think tramadol is better as a pain killer but most people think its weak, i realy
think it all depends on your body not the strenght

So in terms of painkilling strength and euphoria, which has more of which?

And if vicodin isn't any stronger than Tramadol in terms of the two, then what other options am
i left with to help with my pain?

What Is really strong?

I would take more of the tramadol but the package says not to take more than 2 during a 4 hour period
Sorry, clarification: What is really strong and good in terms of both painkilling and euphoria/high?

Swim has never had anything that could take care of his pain like he hoped but tramadol works the best for him
but remember hes talking in doses of 1000mg at a time on average just to get rid of the pain and plus the
high swim does not recremend any taking this much, withdrawals from it are hard enough from

1000mg (sometimes more, sometimes less)  a day usage but swim has now got past that
but feels permently depressed since hes not taking the tramadol anymore

oxycontin or percocet in small amounts of mg can get rid of pain alright if your saying vicodin
doesnt work for you, and you said that the doctor wouldnt give you a script to vicodin?

Thats usally somthing a doctor will write out just as fast as tramadol around herehe actually wrote vicodin
down a prescription, then asked about the details of my symptoms, and i tried to dramatize them a little bit since

it seemed like no one was willingto give me anything, and then he got a new prescripting and wrote out
tramadol and said.

It was the exact same, except not addictive because it's not an opiate?

i think doctors characterize me as drug seeking. i've never had an addiction problem in my life but yeah i am
drug seeking. i want something to make me feel better of course i am.

Anyway, who's swim? is that like forum code for "i?"
Snyway, so does tramadol give the same euphoric effects as vicodin?

And some one the bottle says it's only safe to take 100mg every 4-6 hours.
Is that bullshit? i mean you're taking muchmuchmuch more than that.

How much can you actually take without causing damage to your organs or Oding?
SWIM has been known to take up to 200mg in a single dose, however, be mindful that in excessive
doses tramadol DOES and WILL cause seizures.

They are usually not life-threatening, but should they happen with when driving or another similar act, well, use
your imagination.

Do take this risk into consideration and assess SWIY's tolerance before increasing the dose.
SWIM's doctor has prescribed him tramadol in 100mg doses, but said that should his pain increase,
he can take another, but not to exceed 400mg per day.

It should be noted that for SWIM, tramadol does hold a similar euphoria, but is more
speedy and more subtle. However, should SWIM take 1-2 tablets of Vicodin, he would feel
less due to his opiate tolerance, so pill-for-pill, tramadol is stronger for him.

SWIM needs roughly 10 tablets (CWE'd due to Acetomiphen content) to produce a nice hydrocodone high.
Always be mindful about acetomiphen content, and one sure advantage of tramadol is that it
contains none usually (unless branded as Ultracet).

A good doctor, will, however change your prescription if you are getting no pain relief.
A word to the wise is play drug-stupid, and NEVER ask for anything by name- thats a sure-fire
way to be labeled a drug seeker.

Be straight up with the doctor, and tell him it doesn't help your pain, is there something else you can try.
In SWIM's experience, doctor's like making decisions, so let them.

Its better to play the game for a little bit until you get a medication that works, than to get labeled a seeker from day .
Also, please note that I'm not saying the above doses are safe, please don't attempt them.

SWIM has a very high opioid tolerance, and he knows what is safe for him.
An opiate-naive person could easily die from too much tramadol, and definately from 10 tablets
of Vicodin/Hydrocodone. Please be careful.

SIM is new to this forum, and doesn't understand where doctors are prescribing vicodin or percocets to
people unless they have serious and verifiable pain illnesses he has tried going to the doctor
for "back" or "neck" pain and followed the basic rules of not mentioning drugs by name or requesting
them, and the best SWIM ever gets is tramadol or darvocet, IF that.

SWIM doesn't know what he's doing wrong or where everyone finds these wonderful drugs.
SWIM had surgery once last year and had percocet and loved it, but that was the only time he got to
experience it. His doctors never give it out!

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